Unmasking Sexuality: Am I Gay?

‘We are living in a heteronormative world, and I am a heteronormative girl’ or so the song didn’t go. When it comes to defining our sexual orientation many of us will default to our society’s pre-programming of assuming we’re heterosexual. So it can feel anything but fun when we get even a tiny flicker of interest or attraction to someone we weren’t expecting and then the questions begin…Am I gay? Bi? Pansexual? I don’t even know what that means?!

In pre-Google times, this meant often hours or years anxiously pondering, wondering and searching for signs. Thankfully, now we have Google, which takes you immediately to the WikiHow ‘Am I gay’ quiz—hurray! End of blog.

Wouldn’t that be nice? Or would it? Even if you saw the words in black and white, you may still feel as confused as ever about your sexual orientation. So maybe it’s time to ask yourself a different question. Perhaps, why does it matter? Or what difference would it make to my life if I were confident in my sexuality?

‘Sexuality is a multifaceted spectrum and may change over the course of a day, month or lifetime’

The truth is there is often no right answer to arrive at, and your sexuality journey will be lifelong and as unique as you are. Sexuality is a multifaceted spectrum and may change over the course of a day, month or lifetime. In a world that often seeks to categorise within the constraints of heteronormativity, unmasking your sexuality is a courageous act of self-discovery and of self-love.

Sex therapy can help you embrace the uncertainty, celebrate the diversity within your desires, and take pride in your sexual identity. If you’re looking to explore your sexuality you can book a free call with me here. I’m ready and waiting to listen.