The first session is assessment based which means that I will be asking questions about you, your life, health, relationship and sexual history. It’s an opportunity to see if we get on and for me to begin to understand you and get an idea of how I can best help. Towards the end of the first session I will summarise what I’ve heard and give you a chance to ask any questions.

There is no obligation to return after the first session if you feel I’m not the right therapist for you. If I feel I’m not the right therapist for you I will do my best to help you find a therapist or service that is right for you.

The million dollar question!  Therapy, like many things that are worthwhile, is not a quick fix- it is a process which can take time. The process is rarely linear and every person will go at a unique pace. As a very rough guide you may you may notice progress with between 8 and 12 sessions.  We will assess progress periodically and you are welcome to stop sessions at any time. I do offer longer single sessions and short courses of 6 sessions which are designed to be more solution focused for people who are unable to commit to longer term therapy at this time.

Sex therapy is talking therapy with sex at the heart of the work. Sex therapists help with issues specifically relating to sexual function, (how our bodies are/aren’t responding), sexual identity and sexual diversity. We also work with people who are in relationships and  need support in their relationship.

I offer talking therapy – you will never be asked to ‘demonstrate’ your issue or remove clothing.

I love this question because it highlights how we have been taught to believe that sex is a standalone part of ourselves. So yes of course it is ok- every part of our self/life/relationships impacts sex. I work in a holistic way and consider and explore all parts of a person which will often involve talking about other areas of your life.

I hold a Diploma in Counsellng Skills and a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Sexology. Technically I am a Clinical Sexologist but naturally no one outside of this realm knows what that means – sex and relationship therapist makes more sense 🙂

I have worked as a trainee for Sex Therapy Herts. I now run my own private practice and am part of the team at City and East London Therapy.

Previously I have trained and volunteered at CALM and The Listening Place. Prior to being a therapist I spent many years managing large scale student accommodation.

As a registered member of COSRT I’m required to complete 30 hours of additional learning every year.

I intended to pursue training to be a counsellor but found myself drawn to this area of work after reading the formative and incredible book Mating In Captivity by Esther Perel. It quenched a thirst I’d always had for exploring the nature of relationships and I decided that specialising in this area of therapy felt right for me. Personal challenges and curiosities also played a factor in my decision to be a sex therapist alongside the belief that sex and relationships play a huge part in our lives. I believe this area of work is incredibly valid.

I trained at The Clinical Institute of Contemporary Sexology which provides one of the only COSRT accredited qualifications in the country and is regarded as one of the most inclusive sexology institutes in the field. If you are thinking of becoming a sex therapist check them out!