Sex therapy is a talking therapy designed to help resolve issues affecting your relationships, sex life, or both. I work holistically to address your unique needs. If necessary, I will refer you to your GP or recommend a specialist to provide additional support.

I am informed and allied in:

ethical non-monogamy, alternative relationship structures & neurodivergence

I offer LGBTQ+ relationship therapy.

My practice affirms and embraces diversity.

 If you have a brain that is different, therapy, sex, and relationships will look and feel different from the majority. I understand that and will work to adapt to a style that suits your needs and learning preferences.

Below are some common issues that I work with:


Loss of desire

Painful sex

Vaginismus or GPPD

Sex after abuse

Sex after assault

Sexual trauma

Difficulty with orgasm or anorgasmia

Erectile Dysfunction

Premature Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation

Performance anxiety

Sex Education




Conflict around sexual preferences

Exploration of sexual orientation

Exploration of gender Identity

ADHD in sex and relationships

Autism in sex and relationships

Ambivalence about having children



Sexual difficulties

Affairs/ Infidelity

Mismatched desire

Communication issues

Uncertainty about commitment

Ending a relationship

Enhancing sex

Opening up a relationship

Balancing the mental load

If you feel like the time is right you are welcome to contact me via the form on the contact page or You can book a free telephone consulation with me here